The Shunammite Woman: Ishah gedolah (great woman) 

The Shunammite Woman: Ishah gedolah (great woman)  The Shunammite Woman is the only woman in the entire Bible that is characterised as “great”. Although nameless, her narrative is ever memorable as she navigates the patriarchal chains that tied women up. She switches the power dynamic and provides an example of a female active agent within…

Abigail: Intelligence Before Beauty

Who is Abigail? Depends who you ask!  Many Christian websites[1] characterise Abigail as “Nabal’s wife”. A description that perhaps would suffice if she was a second-thought character in a narrative that is crucial to the lineage of Israel. Yet she is not a second-thought, in fact, she is the hero of the narrative.  There is much…

Jezebel – Woman of God.

Jezebel, the age-old prostitute, the whore, the “sexually aggressive”[1] woman, an example of who not to be, a threat, a warning, and the perfect example of men sexualising women they wish to discredit. A bit like when the Egyptian government did virgin tests on all the female protestors in order to call them non-virgins to politically…

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